Saturday, March 7, 2015


In my last post I showed a photos of Jan's doweling Christmas tree, earlier this year she decided she would like a set of fabric Easter Eggs to have on the tree over March and April. Her tree has eight branches, perfect for her plan that  Jan, Rachel, Caitlin and myself would each make 2 Eggs.
Yesterday Caitlin and I went to Guild work day at that stage Caitlin had one Egg made and I had two started, we decided to work as a team and this is the result at the end of the day.

 Two from Caitlin the one on the left is the one she has made  previously and the other one was a copy of one of my set that she planned to do.

 Two from me, I had them started and together we finished them, the photo does not do justice to the blue and silver one.

Jan bought these motifs but had not gotten round to starting so this is what 
Caitlin and I did with them, using the embroidered motifs was a great idea.

 and as Rachel has gone back up to university we thought we had better do her two as well

Tomorrow we will take them to Jan and we  will probably trim the ribbons a little when we hang  them .This has been a really fun project but it is time to move on. A Halloween tree has been talked about later in the year, which gives us plenty of time to decide on what to do.


  1. How lovely. I hope you are able to post a photo with the tree decorated with the eggs.

  2. How beautiful all eggs turned out. Jan & Rachel will be very surprised.
    I hope you get a photo of Jan's tree too! love Annette

  3. This is very unique I like how different, but looks like same size. Very spring like ;)