Sunday, December 11, 2011


During the lovely relaxing few days we spent with my sister and her husband, these little birds were my sewing project, they are from a patern I had made some years ago but had not used before. My sister's family are all gathering down in the Sounds for Christmas and her daughter Vicki has decided on a Pacific Theme for decorations and the meal, which is in keeping with Christmas here falling during the summer. Snowmen .Reindeer etc are banned there this year down there, Joan had been busy with some NZ designed fabric and had made small padded ornaments, here is a few of them, mostly showing NZ birds.

As you can see I made these little birds in soft natural colours so they would show up on the Christmas tree and be in keeping with the other decorations planned however since then I have made two more in Christmas colours of red and white and these are going to wing their way across to America this week.
I plan to leave them unstuffed, so they will slip in an envelope and go as a card which hopefully might get them there for Christmas. If anyone would like the pattern, send me a message I am happy to share.