Sunday, December 14, 2014


I just had to share some results of the Guild workday doing my Christmas decorations.
The first to finish on the day was Caitlin, it was a thrill to work with her  and to see how she followed directions . in finishing she did use a tassel that I had prepared for one of my decoration and after the work session we came back to my place to get some braid to glue round the edges and then went home proudly with her finished piece and yes, her Grandmother was very proud of her. 

Here is her decoration.

 Maree has also posted on her blog her finished one see it here I hope to see Diane's finished one soon, also Jan and Rachel have made a doweling tree to hand the decorations I made for her on will try and get a photo very simple construction but looks good. 

If you have made one send me  a photo so I can share it.



  1. Caitlin did a beautiful job on her ornament. Love the stars she added. Hope to see a photo of the dowel tree. Sounds like a great idea to display ornaments. Once you receive your mail from me - you will see what I made you:) love Annette

  2. So pretty....wonderful job Caitlin.

  3. wow its gorgeous.xx