Monday, May 5, 2014


I have really enjoyed stitching the strawberries  see my blog  notes from under the mountain. for all I have stitched to date. I stitch them on even weave fabric  and find  Joblin or 32 count linen. the best sometime I use a finer linen but it means a lot more stitching specially when it comes to sewing on the beads, however regardless what linen I use its the one size pattern for all . Right click on the pattern below to transfer to word and print, this is the correct finished size just allow some seam allowance. Note this is not a graph but just a pretty paper I used so that the pattern would show up on my blog.
 Having cut round the pattern with seam allowance I draw it onto my fabric with a pencil, this pencil line will be just inside your cutting edge later. I also stitch right out into the seam allowance so that there are no gaps when I stitch it up.

 Stage 1 of the Strawberry is stitched in Smyrna Cross stitch (double cross stitch) worked with one stand of floss over 4 fabric threads and a gap of 4 threads between each stitch in alternating rows. It is important to keep the stitch lying the same way dor all the rows.

Stage 2 come back and fill the spaces between the Smyrna Cross stitches with a bead stitched on using a single metallic thread and a cross stitch over 4 threads. Again it is important to stitch your crosses the same way, this way the beads will all lie the same way.
Stage 3.Cut out the embroidered piece just outside the seam allowance on the side and across the curved top be a little more generous with the seam allowance in case it frays as you gather it up. 
Fold in the side seam, tacking to hold in place while you stitch it up using ladder stitch, start stitching at the point of the strawberry and work towards the open top Keep your stitches small and close together so it will not gape when stuffed.
 Stitch a running stitch across the top, stuff and gather up add a cord or ribbon loop before closing it up.

Stage 4 At the top I stitch 5-6 woven picot stitches  This finishes the strawberry with its nice topping of green and I have used a perle 8 thread for these. I found and excellent demonstration on how to do woven picots here on Susan Whittles blog you may prefer to make these from green felt.

I hope you will enjoy making a strawberry for yourself and maybe some for friends.


  1. Absolutely beautiful Lee! I am going to stitch one for a test:) It's breathtaking in person.
    Now I understand just how many (LOTS) of smyrna stitches there are.
    Thank you for sharing the instructions and chart!
    love Annette

  2. They are wonderful Lee! Thanks for the info!

  3. I must try this.... thank you for another wonderful are the best!

  4. Just wonderful, thank you for the pattern, I tat strawberries too this could add to my collection!

  5. THANK YOU!! Great tutorial - and i LOVE strawberries!!!

  6. Si mignon !bravo,Merci pour ce tuto,trés génereux de votre part.

  7. Dear Lee,
    I just found your blog and what a lovely surprise. I am reading the whole thing. God Bless you, you do such lovely work.
    Where did you find that adorable little bunny? He is so cute and is it to late to get the pattern for the sweet little birds?
    Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful work with us.

    Best wishes,
    Aunt Bea

  8. thankyou for your tutorial and i have just found your blog also and you are amazing,you are a very clever lady.xx