Wednesday, October 19, 2011


The little Owl is flying to....... well not quite yet he needs to kinow where to go to.
Caitlin checked in on the blog yesterday after Junior embroiderers and declared the winner is .........................................geeky Heather as she is the only one to have completed all the requirement. and those were to leave a comment on the posting and also be a follower of this blog. so Heather contact me with a name and address and little owl will be on his way to you.

 It is school holidays here and we had an extra catch up day for the Junior Embroiderers before the start of the new term, one of the girls was followed in by a younger sister who had a big question to ask?
"How old do you need to be to join  and learn to stitch? " Maree who helps with juniors calls everyone poppet and "H" was truly a little poppet. I asked how old she was and with big pleading eyes she said her age was 6yrs. I turned and asked Caitlin my grand daughter who was at the table stitching what age was she when she started. The reply was "5 years old " So "H" is starting next week. Here is the earliest photo of Caitlin stitching.... she is now 14 and has never lost her love of stitching, another time I will share some of her work that she has stitched over the years.


  1. Oh boy, I am very excited to have the little owl fly here!! Thank you!

    What a sweet picture of her first stitching...and such an ambitious projects, too!

  2. Oh what a wonderful photo of her first project! How fun! Thinks BIG! I like that!