Friday, February 14, 2014


Happy Valentines Day, I like to think of this day as being not only for lovers but also a day when one can honour friendship,

There is nothing on earth more prized than true friendship.
Thomas Aquinas

Thank you all for your interest in my Valentine give away, I wish I could send something to you all but sadly there is only one winner. Caitlin was here  yesterday to stitch and all names were put in a bowl for her to make the draw.... and the winner is....

Gracie of Needles Pins and Dragonflies.
The little parcel of Red Rose small will be off in the post to her at the beginning of the week, I wont show here the extra pieces stitched  so that  these will be a surprise. One more surprise about the gift is that  between now and next Valentines Day this set of smalls will be added to at least once.

Annette of California Stitcher has pink roses from me and I keep adding to them. now Gracie will have red roses and suggestions for colour of another roses set? who know I might get inspire from your suggestions to make some more.................... now I am off to stitch some additions to my own set which is violets.

Saturday, February 8, 2014


I have added another rosebud to my Valentine Give away, this time it is on a small heart shaped scissor fob, I hope to add at least   one other piece before the draw on February  14th . Caitlin will do the draw when she comes to stitch that afternoon. If you would like to be included and have not left a message on my last posting you may leave one here and still be included. Here to remind you are the other items in the give away- two thread clips and a tape measure.