Tuesday, April 3, 2012


To Sarah and Henry,
I graciously accept your very kind dinner invitation. 
 I look forward to our next visit.
Annette from California

Lee setting the table....... using tweezers.

The table is 20cm long and the lovely lace cloth started life some time in the 1930's as a powderpuff handkerchief and belonged to my mother

We made the peas and baby carrots from fimo and in the covered vegetable dishes are beans and roast potatoes, the leg of ham was bought. I'm very proud of the table setting, the tiny salts and peppers are pewter as are the serviette rings.

The table is set ready for dinner do come and join us,

Features of the dining room are..........................
The wall paper which is deep red flocked on gold foil background.
 The clock on the dining room mantlepiece is  my favourite.

The Marble topped dresser

Paul made the table and chairs, the chairs specially are beautifully done and the seat fabric is hand stitched on fine linen.