Saturday, October 15, 2016


Do you know the song 'five little monkeys jumping on the bed"? I had not heard it till Jackie sent me a short video of her singing it to Finn,
I loved his reaction to her singing it. I have now made five little monkey finger puppets

Fun to make and intended to go in Finn's Christmas stocking if I can keep them that long.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016


These are the fun birds I have made for a mobile for Finn, I thought of making a mobile as it is something Rachel could help me make, Caitlin had helped with the Dr Seuss quilt. I wanted something for each of the girls to help me make for their new cousin. Rachel is also good at woodwork and she has been home from uni for a week so I asked here to make a hanger for the mobile and all the pieces are now here but I won't put it together till I get down to Wellington to visit with Finn and his parents, Barryn and Jackie.

 We planned the mobile when I was in Wellington a couple of months ago,  it was to b e colourful and not to look like stuffed toys, we found birds similar to these on pinterest  and they were fun pieces to stitch.

Friday, October 16, 2015


Decide Jan's tree  needed a couple more decorations, had planned to do two little witches next year, but after seeing the tree  with the Halloween decorations up it defiantly needed more.  Two little witches on the broom sticks were quickly made and delivered.

 Next up will be her Christmas tree and as the set of Christmas decorations were made last year i will not be called on to produce anything and I can get back to my stitching
 Happy Stitching to you all.

Thursday, October 8, 2015


 Here is Jan's Halloween tree , the decorations are looking just as I planned, and I also planned to add two more next year, however when I saw the photo I decided the last two must come now as it would make the whole thing look so much better, so yes, I have started and am now making two witches on their broom sticks to hang from the bottom two branches.

So its watch this space, I will be back when I have finished them


Caitlin spent two days with me this week, and although it was part of the school holidays she still had assignments to keep up with for school so we agreed we would  have one day relaxing and the second while I was working down at church office she would work on her school work.
Earlier jan had suggested she would like some Halloween decorations for her dowel tree,  and there was not really the time available to stitch some of the lovely ones I had seen, so this is what I came up with, pumpkin shapes covered with bright orange fabric and then felt used for the motifs. I did four the owl, bat ( he comes from the book lovable mini dolls, and we made him too many many years ago) the crow and the cat.
 Caitlin did two pumpkins with faces and also helped sew up some of my pumpkins. Today I took the photos and on Saturday will take them round for jan to hang on her tree and hopefully get some photos.
 This gives her three sets now  for her tree.Christmas Easter and Halloween and I will try and add another theme for her next year. Over the winter she had some stars from another project she had made up and she needs more of these as there were not enough for all branches ... so that's another project for the future.